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Kiefer Sutherland from the original film and Oren Studer as our David.

Meet the gang. One's missing, but they're all lost.

Ever had a date that just didn't go the way you expected?

Those who've never been involved in filmmaking are often shocked that a five-minute short film involved a crew of over thirty people.

The beginning and the end. Like the picture above says, that was the first selfie on the first day of shooting, and next is the last selfie (with a sleeping Yuna) about an hour after sunrise when we wrapped the second (and last) day.

Of course it wasn't all goofing around. Above we see Director Johnny Bilson, Cinematographer Cody Martin, and First Assistant Director Ryan Sundquist making sure everything looks just right. And next, someone's getting hair extensions...

Purple mohawk is Dorothy looking tough.

Then Miracall and Yuna being creepy.

Looks like 1987 is gonna be a rough year.

Is anyone else getting hungry for noodles?

The Director enjoyed those extensions he had in the back so much that he kept them in for weeks after the shoot. But his own hair paid the price for all that bleaching and dying. Here he is with NO PRODUCT in it:

Johnny got to meet Billy Wirth, who is super-cool and friendly. There he is pulling his serious Dwayne face while wearing the replica of his Lost Boys jacket that we used in The Lost.

He also met the one and only Jamison Newlander, Alan Frog. Still a bad ass. Just pray you never need to call him.

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